All Access Recording Studios

All Access Recording Studios

All Access Recording Studios

All Access Recording Studios

All Access Recording Studios

All Access Recording Studios

All Access Recording Studios

We are a Dallas based recording studio fit for any musician, podcaster or business.

Radio ads, voiceovers, podcast and vlog, and your next single all have one thing in common: quality is key! Our mission is to offer the highest quality equipment and facilities for the most competitive rates in town. Whether you’re working on a creative project or media for your business, we’ve got you covered.

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Who we work for

Quality recording services are an asset to any industry!

Businesses & Professionals

All businesses need media. We can offer you radio ads, social media content, additions to your website and more. Access Media also does animation, so we’re a great fit for the sound. Visit our Our Work page to learn more about how we can help.


Needless to say, we love musicians around here. The thing that sets us apart from other Dallas recording studios is our high quality equipment and access to other assets for musicians like video, digital marketing and more.

Podcasters & Filmmakers

Keyword: “voiceovers.” If you’re a podcaster, here’s where you can get high quality content for your fans. If you’re a filmmaker, come get your narration done with us and ensure your audience enjoys every second. Voice actors are also a great fit!

What we do

Our three primary services probably look familiar.


Tracking is the “actual” recording – i.e. when you’re on the microphone singing or saying your lines. Many people like to track only so they can mix at home – that’s okay!


Mixing is the art of processing recorded tracks into a pleasing product. The levels of every element will be raised or lowered appropriately, and individual sounds are often altered in this stage.


Mastering is the finalization of a product into a song, broadcast-ready or other audio file. It is a subtle art that, generally, raises volume and changes timbre.

More about us

Our beautiful Dallas recording studios are a treat for any podcaster, radio personality and (of course) musician! Even if none of those describe you, we hope that our website paints the picture that YOU TOO need media, and we can help. Our primary studio is a room-in-room Wessex style recording studio that features a huge isolation booth capable of fitting multiple people or a drum kit at once, with direct sight lines into our control room. We also have a large recording hall as well, suitable for a full live band, choir, or other group of artists performing at once. Our hall is great for video, too! All Access Recording Studios is a premier destination for musicians. Our rooms are well treated, our engineers are well trained, and our equipment is top shelf. We feature  high quality microphones and excellent hardware and software all wrapped up into Pro Tools HD. As Texas recording studios go, we can hang with the best. Like other studios, our primary recording services are Tracking, Mixing and Mastering… but at Access, we are able to do so much more. Filmmakers and advertisers especially will be happy working with us because of our deep film and marketing pedigree that exists right alongside the studio. Our industry veterans can help write script, develop your media, and even film your recording for use with social media, your website and more.


  • Services include Tracking, Mixing, Mastering & Editing
  • Premium microphones including Neumann condenser microphones
  • Premium hardware including Neve microphone preamps
  • Discounted day rates available
  • Room-in-room Wessex style recording studios
  • Primary studio has direct sight lines into control room
  • Isolation booth large enough for a full drum kit and more
  • Large recording hall for full band tracking
  • Great for podcasts, radio ads, and more!

We hope to work with you soon!

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Our Office

2909 San Jacinto St., Dallas, Texas 75204

What we Do

Tired of wasting your time at cheap recording studios? Not only do we provide high quality recording services, but we do it at an excellent price point as well. Give us a call!

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