Set your Dates

Set your dates! Yep that’s right we allow you to choose your own time to make sure that you are able to access the booth when you need to!  

Studio A

Studio A comes with an infinity wall that’s fully lit.  Our seasoned team of media professionals strives to engage your viewers with cinematic story telling because we understand that the first step to getting your idea or product out into the world is relating to your audience.

Studio b

Studio B comes with a black curtain/ White Screen/Green Screens.  Dynamically coordinate with our producers and move forward with integrating infrastructures through quality communication, assesment and creative consultation.

Audio Studio

Our music producers work with a variety of clients within the industry and can cater to all of your corporate and artistic needs. 
Each project requires a different touch so we cater our style to your target audience and artistic needs for each project.

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