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Series & Podcasting

A webisode or podcast is an installment in a series of episodes with (usually) a constant theme. This is a great time to get creative and find common ground with your audience, drawing them into your brand for conversion. It’s casual, fun and quite painless to make!

Website Videos

Website videos offer an introduction into your website or brand. Generally, they go well on the landing page of your website and serve the purpose of creating understanding and interest right off the bat to your site’s visitors.

Websites with video content on their landing page like this are 53x more likely to rank first on Google. This is a very easy way to get a huge leg up on your competition! 

Product Videos

Let’s start simple: product videos are those that show footage of and describe a particular product or service. This could be one of the single most effective ways to drive sales for a product. It works because it makes your product easy to understand, showcases its value and can trigger an emotional response. It engages your customer with your product – something that photo and text simply cannot do.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos… explain! They allow you to eloquently introduce or dive deep into your brand, product or service with consumers. They’re also a great place to show some character!

Content like this saves your business time and money by allowing your consumers to inform themselves about you. It’s an excellent way to develop a trustworthy image and to drive sales on products that might take some explaining.

Video for Email

This is a special one being utilized mostly by the sales industry. These videos are attached to email and are often sent to prospective clients to create a new lead, nurture a relationship or generally to drive sales – but that isn’t all! Finding new leads and converting them is the name of the game, but its played in many ways. How do you get your clients and prospects to engage when you reach out to them? Many struggle to get people to even open their emails. Get this…

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