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Our most basic memberships include 4 hours of studio time per month, just like booking with our video or audio production crews. We also tailor-make custom membership packages that suit your or your business’s specific needs, including services like on-site shoots, social media management, live streaming and more.

A membership

In a nutshell, you’re signing up for a membership at our wonderful facility – or, more accurately, our film and audio recording studios. This service is great for podcasters or vloggers, anyone in advertising, salesman or other professionals who make use of social media or who are tasked with finding and converting leads, anyone with a website… The list goes on! The name of the game is CONSISTENT QUALITY CONTENT – meaning the more and the higher quality of content that you create and distribute, the better. Visit our Our Work page for more info on why it’s so important for every industry, and how you can use and benefit from great media.

What does it mean to be a member?

As a member, you have the ability to book (a certain amount of) sessions per month at either our film or audio recording studios, where our crew will record you on our equipment. That’s right – you don’t have to bring a thing! All you have to do is stand in front of the camera or speak into the mic. We’ll record you and give you the footage or file after your session concludes.

Note that we do have two different types of memberships: Standard and Dynamic. The Standard options give you all the necessities and freedom to professionally produce your project, and Dynamic options give you even more goodies and services like extra cameras and mics, one or more on-site video shoot per month included, live streaming and more.

What do I get?

You get full access to either of our studios, our premium equipment and our veteran staff. We’re dedicated to giving you the highest quality product for any media objective, so we’re making it as easy as possible for you to get the content that you need. Specifically, this is what you’re likely to be using when booking at each studio as a Standard Member:

In the film studio: cameras (of course), lighting, and a lavalier mic. You’ll also have full access to our cyclorama wall (AKA infinity wall), green screens, black screens, etc. at no further charge.

In the audio studio: premium studio microphones going through top-shelf equipment. We’ll also be able to provide your necessities like a pop filter, high passing, etc.

Using your in-studio hours

When you book your session, you must choose which studio you’re booking time at. Yes, you can absolutely book an hour at one and an hour at the other – no problem!

How do I book my sessions?

You can book either by calling our easy to reach staff or by using the member’s Scheduler on our site!

After signing up, you can visit the Schedule page (accessible via the top menu) to view available dates on the calendar and sign up for sessions yourself! This takes all the headache out of scheduling time – just check the calendar and see if there are dates and times that line up with your own availability!

About our studios...

Our two video or photo production studios feature a giant three-sided cyclorama wall (AKA infinity wall), green screens, black screens, simple props and furniture, and we’ll be using high quality broadcast cameras and lavalier mics for your sessions. We also offer live streaming for podcast and full video editing services like lower thirds, color correction and more. There’s tons of opportunity to create all sorts of content here – vlog, podcast, photography, social media content, videos for your website, advertising materials… The only limit is your imagination!

Our audio recording studio is a delightfully spacious and well-treated facility and is fully featured with top-shelf equipment. Our huge isolation booth is capable of fitting a full drumkit or several people inside at once, which makes it perfect for podcasts with multiple hosts.

Additional Services

With our standard memberships, video footage or audio files are given to you completely raw/unprocessed – great for anyone that can perform necessary editing / post-production themselves. What if you want more? As a full-scale production house, we offer every service under the sun allowing you to release the content that we give you as is. Our dynamic memberships have post production and other great amenities included with the membership – refer to the table below to see all the options compared!

For podcasters and vloggers, one of the most popular services we offer is live streaming to popular social and viewing platforms like Facebook, YouTube and more. We can also offer live graphics like lower-thirds and even live streaming of guests onto your show from the comfort of their own home!

Full video services like color correction, heavy editing, lower thirds and more are available.

In our audio studio, we can perform heavy editing for long form narration, mixing, mastering and more.

Need some inspiration?

Additional Services:

Here are some ways that standard members can take their sessions to the next level. These are members only discounted rates for our extra services!

Remember, these options are included in the Dynamic Memberships already!

Live Streaming


Post Production Editing Services to make it easier on you! Our editing includes Name Titles, on screen information, contact information, any graphics provided by the member, graphics created by us could incur an additional cost.


On Location Shooting

Shoot B Reel

This service will give our members a deep discount on field shooting. We will come out to your place of business and shoot B-roll of your business or product


Interview Testimonials

Customer reviews can be the lifeline for any business. We’ll give our members this special price to come out to your location and capture these very important customer accolades. This will include a 3-point lighting set up and wireless microphones to insure you’re getting the very best quality



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