You need a space for your project

Now, you’ve got one. Our Production Suite is a plug-and-play rental studio available to use for music production, composing, editing and post-production for a variety of other creative projects. Take a look below to learn more about how using our space can benefit you…


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A rental studio for your creative thing

What’s your thing? Do you make beats or EDM music? Do you edit podcasts or even produce your own? Do you compose for videos, video games, arrange or write songs for other artists or projects? Maybe it’s Foley, maybe it’s social media content, maybe it’s your toy unboxing YouTube channel?

Whatever your thing is, we want you to succeed – and the first step is having the right stuff and the right place to do it in. Too many creative people are forced to do their hard work on headphones or, worse, on their built-in computer speakers. Not to mention the tiny screens on today’s laptops – not that you’d want to carry around a 21″ screen in your backpack anyways!

Chances are, that problem sounds way more familiar than you’d like it to – and that’s why we made our Producer Suite!


Our producer Suite is a “plug-and-play” rental studio built for you to get your work done.

We provide the screens, near-field monitors, USB audio interface and even some instruments and MIDI controllers  – you just bring your work! Hook into our USB hub, connect to our large screens and get back to your thing.


The rest of the building is also home to our fully loaded recording studio, video and photo studios as well, making this the perfect place for people working with their own clients who want to create all kinds of content in the same place on the same day. You’ll definitely get some “Wow!” points for it, too.

This room is meant for people that need to fill in logistic gaps. Maybe you don’t have proper facilities or hardware at home, or if you do, maybe you can’t turn up your monitors due to apartment life. Maybe you’re traveling and need a space to work besides the hotel room. Maybe you just need a change of scenery or need to check your work on different equipment.

Let us be your creative home away from home.


The studio is ideal for…



Writing your next release or track for sync? Composing for video? Arranging for yourself or other artist?


Beats? EDM? Some other kind of music we haven’t even thought of yet? Mi casa es su casa.


Editing voiceover, podcast or even video projects? Do you do Foley, social media content, or YouTube?

The Process

Rent Time

We try to make the booking process as easy as possible by arranging dates/times on Google Calendar and utilizing digital invoices that you can pay online.


Our Suite uses a Steinberg audio interface and Yamaha Motif. We’ll provide direct download links so you can install the necessary software for them ahead of time.


When you get here, with the software installed, just plug in our USB hub, plug in the screen adapter and get to work! We’ll always be here to help get you going, as well.

Need to record vocals or instruments, too?

Our primary recording studio is just downstairs from this editing suite, and we’d be happy to hook you up with pro-grade recordings to finish out (or start, perhaps?) your production. Voiceover, vocal performances, instruments, or even just some friendly advice – we’re here to help!

We can get together by the hour, just like when booking a regular session at our studios… but we’ll discount the rate for our Production Suite clients to help keep the inspiration flowing.

What’s In The Room

Two 21" Screens, Mouse & Keyboard

Make sure you check out the “What Do I Need” section below for the details!

Our room makes use of two 21″ Apple monitors for the main screens. They are connectable via DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort (through Thunderbolt 2 type connector) – and we have those adapters here, so don’t worry about bringing them in! However, if you only have a Thunderbolt 3 type connector, you will need to come prepared with your own adapter! 

Our mouse and keyboard are connected via the standard USB hub that we provide, so make sure you have a slot for hat as well!


A simple USB hub using USB 3.0 connects the peripherals already in the room, plus gives you 3-4 extra slots for your to use your own devices like MIDI controllers, external harddrives and the like! It does have its own power supply, making it sufficient to supply power to units that rely on the USB for power.

USB Audio Interface
Steinberg UR22 2 channel USB interface
76-Key Yamaha Motif XS Series

Yamaha Motif XS7

The Motif is a world-renowned series by Yamaha that can act as a large MIDI controller, a sequencer, a sampler, or a synthesizer using its own vast library of sounds. It’s not your starter Casio!

The library of built-in voices include over 1,000 various instruments and other sounds and over 60 different drum kits. Regarded as very high in quality, it also allow for a wide range of adjustments using the keyboard’s built-in controls and effects like envelope (attack, sustain, decay),  reverbs, delays and much more. It also includes something Yamaha calls Extended Articulations (or XA) which enables you to have easy access to variations on a voice’s sound such as fret noise on acoustic guitars, expressions on bowed string instruments and more.

Make sure you download the drivers listed above to use it as a MIDI controller! If you’re wanting to use the incredible built-in voices or drum kits, we’ll also provide a couple cables to hook it into the line inputs on the audio interface so you can really take advantage of this machine’s versatile skillset!

If you’d like to brush up on precisely how to use the Yamaha XS7 before you dive into the room, you can check out the Yamaha XS7 manual by clicking on this link!


8" Nearfield Monitors
Yamaha HS8 8″ monitors

Isolated from the desktop using Auralex Isopads, these bad boys give you the clarity, depth, stereo image and, yes, an accurate low end that allows you to hear your project without compromise.

What Do I Need?


Let’s make sure you’ve got the right ports and such to use our equipment. Every computer is different, so it’s definitely best to be prepared!

There’s really only two connections that you need to worry about: the computer screen and the USB hub, which has everything else connected to it already.

Computer Screens

Our computer screens connect using either Thunderbolt 2 (DisplayPort) or HDMI. If your computer uses Thunderbolt 3/USB-C connections, you will need to bring your own adapter, unfortunately!

Note: at the moment, we are only able to connect one screen via Thunderbolt or HDMI, while the second screen is able to be reached via a USB adapter attached to our USB hub. Many Windows computers allow screen data to be sent via USB, but most Macs do not, meaning most Mac users and some Windows users may be limited to one screen for now, unfortunately. We’re working on a solution, don’t worry!

Everything Else

Everything else including the mouse, keyboard, Yamaha Motif and audio interface is all connected via standard USB. You will need an open standard USB port (USB Type A) to connect directly to our USB hub. If your computer uses USB Type C connectors, you will need to bring your own adapter, unfortunately!

Your Computer

At this time, we aren’t providing a computer for your use in the room, so make sure you bring yours!

This room is meant for people who don’t have proper facilities or hardware at home, can’t turn up their monitors due to apartment life, are traveling and need a space to work besides the hotel room, or maybe just need a change of scenery. We find it’s easier for you to bring along your devices and use the software you’re accustomed to rather than be at the mercy of our preferences!

The Software

In order for you to use our Yamaha Motif as a MIDI controller (if you choose) and our audio interface, you’ll need the corresponding software to run them on your specific computer. Check out “The Software” section below to download those drivers!

Other Stuff

If you have a particular instrument, electronic device, headphones, microphone… Whatever it is that you use, please feel free to bring it in! We have power outlets all over the room, and will provide cables and any other accessories that we can to make sure you’re comfortable doing your thing.

The Software

Audio Interface Software

Our audio interface is a simple 2-channel Steinberg UR22 that connects via USB. It allows for two microphone, instrument or line level inputs, headphones and, of course, outputs to studio monitors. Please download the necessary drivers for your device below.

Yamaha Motif XS Series Software

The Yamaha Motif XS7 is the 76 key version of the XS series of “workstation synthesizers.” Use it as a MIDI controller, sequencer, sampler. or synthesizer using any of the 1,000 voices or 60+ drum kits that come built in. Please download the necessary drivers for your device below.

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