Level 1

This option is great for podcasters, vloggers and other creatives! You can come in once a week every month for an hour and knock it out quick, or come and take your time for one or two longer sessions per month.

As a Level 1 member, you’ll receive 4 Hrs Per Month to book any of our studios for any project.

Standard memberships include access to all the basic studio amenities (green screens, black screens, lighting) and are limited to one camera and two mics for video shoots, basic mics for recording studio sessions, and do not include any editing or other services. You can still request additional services “a la carte” (for an extra fee) like editing, post production and graphics, live streaming to social media and YouTube, extra cameras and mics, and even on-site video shoots. We’ll even give you a discount on all of those services as a member! Don’t worry, you’re taken care of!