Dynamic Memberships include the extra goodies and services that standard memberships do not. Think of it as partnering with us to be your own personal production team!

The M.O.A.P. Membership allows you:

  • 16 hours per month to book any of our studios for any project
  • 2 cameras for video shoots (standard members get one)
  • 6 mics for video shoots (standard members get two)
  • Premium mics for recording studio sessions (standard members get basic mics)
  • Editing and post production included (not included w/ standard members)
  • 2 Revisions for any editing done
  • Free uploading to Dropbox (not included w/ standard members)
  • 4 On location video shoots per month! That’s a lot! (not included w/ standard members)
  • Live streaming to social media or YouTube from our studios OR anywhere that has internet available for us!

Any other services and extra equipment can be provided at a discounted rate for Members. We can’t wait to start working with you!